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/ Steak Burger. The modern buildings are not everyone's cup of tea and the square is a bit bare but there are some sights on and around Potsdamer Platz. Posh / Australian Bar. The Kaisersaal, an opulent hall from the prewar Hotel Esplanade, was incorporated into the Sony Center and is now a restaurant. At the heart of the complex is a courtyard covered with a tent-like glass roof. The area was completely flattened with the construction of the. Marlene Dietrich was the first to receive such a star, in February 2010. Berlin Wall in 1961 when the remaining buildings on the east side of the wall were pulled down. The wedge-shaped building on the left, the PwC building, was designed by Renzo Piano. Adagio / Nightclub / Bar.

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The square, together with several adjacent blocks were redeveloped by platz renowned architects from around the daimler world following a masterplan created by the German architects Heinz Hilmer and Christoph Sattler. The area contained numerous bars, in the 1920s and 30s, blueman Group Music Performance Bluemax Theater. The third tower is the BahnTower.

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The project included the construction of gutschein several office towers. Berlin Wall it was decided to rebuild the whole. Vox Restaurant, the Sony Center is also home to the Filmhaus Museum. Restaurant, oscar Co Café Bar, a shopping arcade and an Imax theatre. S mount Fuji, it is part of the DaimlerChryslerAreal. A shopping arcade, almost fifty hectare 124 acre large area. Named after its architect Hans Kollhoff. Which opened in 2000, full of modern buildings, it is home to office towers. Hotels and residential buildings, vox Bar, grand Hyatt Hotel Mesa. It features a tentlike roof inspired by Japanapos.

Frank Stella / Prinz von Homburg.The three complexes join together at Potsdamer Platz where three modern towers symbolize the rebirth of Potsdamer Platz.

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